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When does ADA leave become unreasonable? Courts & EEOC say …

Many questions spring up for employers when an employee exhausts their FMLA leave but still can’t return to work. Are you required to give them more leave under the ADA? If so, how much additional leave is too much? Can you fire them for needing too much time off? 

Well, that was dumb: Facebook post gets man fired for FMLA abuse

It never ceases to amaze what kinds of social media posts employees feel are OK. How could this man have possibly thought it was appropriate to post this while on FMLA leave? 

FMLA notices: Missing key piece of info keeps employee’s lawsuit alive

Here’s proof you can never assume employees know about even the most basic aspects of the FMLA. 

Employee forced to show mastectomy scars after FMLA leave — or get fired

The latest FMLA lawsuit to gain prominence shows the expensive danger of failing to incorporate some form of flexibility in return-to-work policies. In the case, an employee wanted to return to work, but her employer wouldn’t let her until she underwent an unusual medical exam. 

Latest attempt to expand FMLA offers incentive for employers

You may have heard: The feds are interested in expanding employee protections, and the availability of sick leave and medical leave — especially paid varieties. But many of their proposals have been met with backlash. But this latest proposal offers more in an attempt to gain employer support. 

New FMLA ruling reveals 2 things employers need to know

A former employee’s Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) lawsuit against a residential nursing care facility provides a couple of important lessons for all employers.

Where do colds and flu fit in FMLA eligibility rules?

There’s one passage in the FMLA rules that’s particularly vexing for employers.  

A roadmap for taking some of the mystery out of FMLA

As new Family and Medical Leave Act rules kick in, a prominent employment law attorney offers some suggestions about how the feds should fix the law that’s driven HR pros crazy since 1993.

Was trip to the tropics proper use of FMLA leave?

An employee is fired after her company learns she spent her medical leave in a tropical vacation spot. She sues, claiming her employer violated FMLA. Did she win?

Horror story: How NOT to handle FMLA leave

Note to managers: Telling an employee to find another job on her first day back from FMLA leave probably isn’t the best idea.