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Pay student loan or join 401(k)? Help millennials do both

What if there was a way to help your employees repay their student loans and increase your company’s retention rates?

Motivating millennials: What benefits are must-haves?

A war for talent is being waged in this tight job market.

This may surprise you: How much employees hate traditional performance reviews

It probably comes as no surprise that employees and managers are not big fans of traditional performance reviews. But what may surprise you is just how much employees despise these reviews — and how they could be driving top talent out the door. 

Should you allow alcohol in your office? Pros & cons

A long-since-exiled workplace habit is now making a big comeback: drinking in the office. And it’s not because employees are sneaking it into their place of business and sipping in the shadows. 

Millennial to employers: 4 reasons we keep quitting

It’s rare to find something HR-handy on Facebook these days. Between your friends sharing their baby photos and political opinions, there isn’t much room left for stuff to help with your job. But we had to share this Facebook find with our HR Morning audience.

Top 5 things talented millennials want from you [infographic]

Are you ready for the run on millennial talent? 

Millennials more susceptible to depression than other generations: Study

It’s no surprise that depression is a leading cause of workers seeking help from their companies’ employee assistance programs. But you might be shocked to hear which group is most often affected: Millennials.  

The key to keep younger workers from jumping ship

What can companies do to get their young workers to stick around longer? Give them more feedback. A new study highlights just how much feedback you should be giving these workers.

Workplace flexibility is a prized benefit: Some tips on how to make it work

No question, flexibility is the buzzword of the hour. And although it certainly sounds like a noble goal, can companies actually make it work?  

Millennials: Are you sure your assumptions about them are on target?

It’s that wonderful time of the year — when HR pros have the pleasure of sifting through piles of resumes from recent college grads, fired up and ready to start their careers. But here’s the danger: There appears to be a giant disconnect between how HR people view Millennials — applicants between 19 and 26 […] [MORE]