Human Resources News & Insights

Unusual cash deposits: Company toilets clogged by $100K

When this business said somebody was flushing money down the toilet, it wasn’t speaking metaphorically about a failed company initiative.

Warning: You’re more likely to die on payday

This may take some of the shine off of the best day of the week: payday. 

3 low-cost benefits employees say will boost their productivity

The problem, of course, is that salary and bonus increase budgets have gone dry — so employers can’t motivate with money. The good news:

What would you do: Counter offer for a star employee?

Periodically, we ask three HR managers how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: A nearly irreplaceable star performer is leaving for more money. Should you counter? 

My best HR management idea: New training that hits the mark

HR exec Susan Gary was spending money on training for employees but not getting the results she wanted – until she changed her company’s approach  (part of an ongoing series).

Education assistance for employees: Making sure you get your money’s worth

If you decide to pay employees to learn more about and become better at their jobs, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t overlook a key factor in making sure the investment is worthwhile.

HR’s role in proving that retention efforts save money

You may know the value of retention. Now you can make sure everyone else in the organization does, too.