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3 keys to successful recognition programs

Employee recognition programs have kind of become old hat these days. So how can you pump new life into this morale-building effort?

Are nine out of 10 of your employees satisfied with their jobs?

U.S. workers are feeling good about their jobs again.  

So how’re you feeling about your job right now?

Part of the HR job description is keeping workers motivated, engaged and preventing them from jumping ship. So how come a substantial group of HR pros are currently looking for greener pastures themselves? 

Why you should be glad your employees love fantasy football

It’s that time of year again. And while it’s hard to think of the office fantasy football league as a benefit – it could be a big one. Now before you shake your head in disagreement, hear us out.  

Want to know what workers think? Ask them a direct question

Nowadays, employers are paying a lot more attention to how employees feel about their managers, their organizations and their day-to-day duties. And one company has come up with an astonishing plan to ferret out that data: Ask workers direct questions.  

‘Living on adrenaline for years’ has spiked employee burnout

Do your managers know how to spot the signs of employee burnout?  

The top office pranks for April Fool’s Day [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are some fun gags to pull out if you’re in the joking mood this April Fool’s Day. 

Case study: Putting more money in employees’ pockets

Periodically, we like to offer success stories from HR pros from across the U.S. This account of how one employer improved morale and retention comes courtesy of Beth Lordi, manager and part owner of Loccisano’s Golden Dawn in Ellwood City, PA. 

What actually makes employees happy? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes it seems like an impossible task: keeping so many different types of employees happy and working hard. So what actually works for most companies?

Tiny budget for morale-building: How would you spend it?

Periodically, we ask three HR pros how they’d handle a difficult situation at work. Today’s problem: How to allot a small nest egg set aside to promote team spirit and motivation.