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Recruiting 2.0: Don’t break these 3 rules when you’re texting new talent

More and more recruiters are communicating with talent through text messaging. It’s faster than email, and candidates appreciate being kept in the loop throughout the hiring process. 

The critical onboarding mistake 67% of employers make

The vast majority of HR pros agree that a solid onboarding program that keeps employees engaged is essential to the success of new hires but, for most employers, a crucial piece is missing from their onboarding process.

What each generation brings to the table (INFOGRAPHIC)

Around this time of year, it’s pretty easy to be thankful for things like turkey, football and family (sometimes in that order). But don’t forget all those things your best hires from all generations add to your company and the bottom line.

Can you legally refuse to hire someone who smokes?

With health-coverage costs going up, especially for high-risk employees, more and more employers are looking at put smokers on the “need not apply” list. Is it legal?

5 ways managers drive away new hires

The old saying is true: People join companies and quit bosses. Here are some common manager mistakes that make new hires think twice. 

46% of new hires fail –- and not because they lack skills

With so many candidates for every open job, choosing the right one gets even more difficult. But do your managers know the best interview techniques to avoid hiring missteps?

Expert says this common practice is more trouble than it's worth

Here’s a step one expert says most companies can take to reduce the risk of lawsuits when new employees aren’t working out:

Are you keeping score of managers' hiring skills?

Surveys of HR pros say many hiring missteps are the result of poor interviewing and decision making skills on the part of hiring managers. One way to increase the odds of success:

Why these sources are great for referrals

Using a referral program to find new hires is nothing new. But many companies don’t take full advantage of that strategy.

4 keys for mentoring new hires

As part of companies’ orientation programs, seasoned employees often serve as mentors for new hires. It’s a strategy that’s proven to be effective — but one that can still be improved at many companies.