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What 84% of employers are doing during OT rule stalemate

Do we forge ahead with the changes we put in place to comply with the new rule or do we simply revert back to what we were doing before the DOL’s overtime changes?  

What will Trump administration mean for the new overtime rule?

Based on the many comments during the Presidential campaign, a Trump administration promises to overhaul many current federal regs, including the DOL’s new overtime rule. But what does the administration actually have the power to change? And when can employers expect to see any possible changes?   

Expedited ruling requested in cases seeking to block OT rules

There’s a chance a federal judge may put a stop to the Obama administration’s new OT rules after all. 

Congress moves to push back effective date of new OT rules

The efforts to push back the deadline for the new OT rules gained some more momentum this week, as Congress moved to enact a new law to extend the effective date to early next summer.  

OT rule change legislation isn’t likely to affect Dec. 1 effective date

If you were hoping that proposed legislation to phase in the new overtime rules over a three-year period would affect them going into effect next Dec. 1, you’re likely to be disappointed.  

How businesses in one region are preparing for implementing the new OT rules

The final FLSA overtime regs have arrived. So what are companies doing to prepare for Dec. 1, 2016, when the rules kick in for real?  

What 94% of HR pros are doing to prepare for new OT regs

The DOL’s new overtime regs will make reviewing the classifications of exempt employees an absolute must for businesses everywhere. Luckily for most HR pros, this won’t be anything new.