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EEOC has big news on poster rule fines

Is your company covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the ADA or GINA? If so, you need to know what the feds just did. 

New union notice rule scalded by business community

On the heels of useful guidance on social media policies, the National Labor Relations Board kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest with its announcement of a new requirement that employers post notices explaining workers’ rights to unionize.

Should you be telling workers how to unionize?

The National Labor Relations Board wants to require your company to put up a poster explaining how your employees can form a union.

FMLA docs, COBRA notices: Are your policies legal?

Take a look at these two tricky, real-life benefits scenarios that could crop up at your company.

4 new healthcare notices you must give employees now

It’s now just a matter of weeks before the first healthcare reform provisions start kicking in for plan years beginning on Sept. 23 or later. But changes to your plans aren’t the only things that are required.