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Trump this: 5 bold predictions for how he’ll impact HR

There’s a lot of talk about what Donald Trump could do when he gets into office. Here you’re going to get five bold predictions on what President Trump likely will do that will impact HR professionals and their employers. 

Obama enlists EEOC in the fight against pay discrimination

President Obama has made it clear that equal pay is one of his top priorities, and his latest action should go a long way to advancing that goal. It’s also likely to add a significant amount of administrative work for HR and benefits pros.  

Obama proposes expansion of employee retirement plan options

The Obama administration is proposing some new ways to get employees involved in saving for retirement.  

Hate unions? Then you won’t like what the DOL just did

Whether you’re a fan of organized labor or not, you’re going to want to see what the DOL just posted to YouTube. 

How Obama responded to GOP’s attempt to burn down union-friendly election rule

The National Labor Relations Board new election rules, dubbed the “ambush election” or “quickie election” rules by critics, is a big windfall for unions. So, naturally, the GOP is staunchly opposed to them. 

Will DOL get $41 million bump to ratchet up enforcement efforts?

The president has handed Congress his budget proposal for 2015. And it carries some bad news for employers.  

Healthcare reform letters due 10/1: What you need to know

Most companies — including many small businesses — are on the hook to send their employers a heads-up about the new healthcare reform exchanges by Oct. 1. Here’s what you need to say and do to stay in compliance. 

Obama announces new potential NLRB members

President Obama has officially announced his nominees for the open spots on the National Labor Relations Board. Could a functioning NLRB be far behind?

What 73% of people think about health reform now

The Supreme Court has now heard the arguments for and against the healthcare reform law. And a ruling is expected in June. What are most Americans hoping the outcome will be?

Obama: 2 major reform provisions must go if individual mandate is struck down

The Obama administration has argued the majority of the health reform law can stand if its individual mandate to buy insurance is deemed unconstitutional. But it did admit two key provisions would need to get the axe.