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5 simple ways to make your new hire feel welcome

When it comes to an employer making a good impression on a new employee, the first few days are crucial. But many onboarding programs can still come across as an afterthought. 

4 reasons to make your benefits info public

Why should you post your benefits info on the web — and not just the company’s intranet system?

A unique way to spice up new hire intros

A key part of getting new hires ready is helping them get to know their co-workers. Here’s one way to speed up the process:

A new look at new-hire orientation

Showing them where the coffee machine is and how to operate the copier is a fine start. But these days it takes a little more from a manager to help rookies get off the mark quickly.

Impress young workers quickly — or say goodbye

What’s the key to keeping young, talented employees with your company longer?

They’re starting their 1st job — what you need to tell them

People who are right out of school need a different type of orientation than someone who’s walking in the door with 10 years’ experience elsewhere. Specifically, the rookies need help with three major employment issues.

7 reasons new hires hate their first day

You know the drill: Make sure new hires’ workstations are ready, and don’t let them wait in the lobby for hours before anyone knows they’re there. But there are other, more common mistakes a lot of managers make on a new hire’s first day.