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2 interesting developments for DOL’s overtime rule, injunction

Two very interesting things happened involving the DOL’s overtime rule while you were out of the office over the holidays. 

Where Trump’s DOL pick stands on 3 major issues: ACA, OT, wages

Here’s where Andrew Puzder, Donald Trump’s pick to be the next secretary of the Department of Labor (DOL), stands on business regulation: He’s not a fan. 

Don’t use this company’s approach to cutting OT costs

With the DOL looking to make another four million employees OT-eligible this December, many employers will be looking for ways to limit their OT exposure. Just don’t try the method this company used. 

Why’s the DOL suddenly so interested in your workers’ cellphone usage?

The folks over at the Department of Labor (DOL) have expressed a keen interest in employees’ smartphone use, and that interest may force you to make some changes to your employment policies in the near future.   

Biz sued for OT says staffers were illegals: Does it matter under FLSA?

The Department of Labor sued a business on Manhattan’s Upper West Side for failing to pay workers overtime. The company fought back, saying its employees were illegal aliens not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Who won the lawsuit? 

Employee kept OT work quiet – so court says ‘no pay for it’

Chalk up a big win for employers: A worker tried to saddle her employer with a big overtime bill after resigning, but a court wasn’t having any of it.

Lady Gaga sued for unpaid OT

A lot of employers are used to overtime pay, but we doubt many ask their employees to perform duties like these.

Top 10 Benefits Stories of 2011

Here are the top 10 Benefits Alert stories of 2011, as chosen by our readers:

FLSA alert: Some employee training exempt from OT

Under the FLSA, most employees who receive training above and beyond the normal workweek have to be paid overtime for the time they spend in that training. But the law has an oft-overlooked exception that could benefit a lot of employers.

Who won this case? Applicant claims retaliation for suing former employer

An applicant claims a prospective employer rescinded a job offer after the company learned he’d filed an OT suit against a former employer. He sued for retaliation under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Did he win? Read the dramatized version of this real-life case and see if you can determine the outcome.