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Not a fan of OT rule? Then you’ll like Trump’s 2 new moves

There are a lot of business groups, employers and individuals who’d like the DOL’s new overtime rule to just die already. Well, they just got two pieces of good news from the Trump administration. 

Under new OT rule, this payment method could save you a bundle

There’s one lesser-known tactic out there that some employers are considering to reduce overtime costs under the DOL’s changes to the FLSA overtime exemption rules. 

One surprising upside to DOL’s overtime rule change

The DOL’s change to the FLSA’s white collar overtime exemptions aren’t all doom and gloom for employers. There’s at least one silver lining. 

DOL issues final OT rule: It’s more good news than bad

Is the DOL’s new overtime rule going to be a burden for businesses? Yes. There’s no denying that. But compared to the original proposal, there are some things to be happy about. 

Big news on DOL’s new overtime salary threshold

When it comes to complying with the DOL’s coming changes to the white collar overtime exemption regulations, employers will take any relief they can get. As a result, employers will likely embrace this suspected change to the regs. 

Is DOL’s new overtime rule coming sooner than expected?

The buzz out of Capitol Hill is telling employers they’ve got a lot less time to prep for the DOL’s new overtime exemption final rule. 

DOL quietly drops big news on new overtime rules

The DOL’s been pretty quiet about what it’s doing behind the scenes about changing the overtime exemption rules and salary threshold. But it has finally spoken. 

How many comments did DOL’s overtime proposal generate?

Despite receiving a staggering number of comments in the last week of the comment period alone, the DOL has opted not to extend the comment period for its proposed changes to the FLSA’s “white collar” overtime exemption rules. 

Is another OT rule whammy on its way from DOL?

It’s possible employers could be in for more than just a whopping increase to the overtime exemption salary threshold. 

Why DOL’s new OT rules may not increase pay

The DOL has said it expects its new overtime exemption rule changes to make roughly 4.6 million workers eligible for OT, resulting in bigger paychecks. But is that really what’s going to happen?