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IRS’ first FAQ on paid-leave credit answers some key questions

Employers finally have federal guidance regarding the paid-leave tax credit created under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), but that guidance is likely to fall short of what many firms were expecting.

Workflex in the 21st Century Act: Paid leave on the federal level … with a catch

Following an array of state and local paid leave laws and loud calls from employers and prominent business groups, Congress has introduced a bill to make paid leave on a federal level a reality. But the legislation probably isn’t what HR pros were expecting.

What do they want? Paid family leave! When do they want it? Now!

Paid family leave is quickly becoming one of the most sought after employee benefits, and only about 14% of working parents are currently getting that perk. But that number is about to change. 

Paid leave policies: How does your company stack up to the competition?

Forward-thinking employers are finding a number of creative ways to tweak their paid leave policies to give employees the most from the benefit.

Microsoft ups ante on paid leave benefits: Will other firms follow its lead?

An increasing number of companies are offering generous paid parental leave benefits to employees, and Microsoft is certainly no exception. But the tech giant recently made headlines when it unveiled a different type of paid leave benefit. 

Town: Sorry, sex just isn’t a valid reason for a paid break

When a Swedish politician proposed the radical idea of paying town workers for one-hour sex breaks to bolster the town’s birthrate, the politician and his little town garnered a ton of media attention.

Establishing a solid paid parental leave policy: 4 keys

Is paid parental leave right for your company?  

Latest attempt to expand FMLA offers incentive for employers

You may have heard: The feds are interested in expanding employee protections, and the availability of sick leave and medical leave — especially paid varieties. But many of their proposals have been met with backlash. But this latest proposal offers more in an attempt to gain employer support. 

Benefits, comp benchmarks: How do you compare?

Workers cost private employers an average of $27.88 per hour worked in total compensation. How much of that goes toward benefits?

Is putting worker on paid leave grounds for retaliation suit?

Federal courts haven’t exactly been clear on what qualifies as an “adverse action” on an employer’s part when it come to retaliation claims. So a recent ruling in Connecticut comes as good news.