Human Resources News & Insights

Absenteeism could be eating up 22% of your total payroll costs

Everybody’s aware of the disruptive effect of employee absenteeism. But how much does absenteeism really cost?  

Will employee salaries ever be a bigger bargain than they are today?

Not too hard to figure that today’s employment climate is a buyers’ market. New research shows just how desperate applicants have gotten.  

After the deluge: Common FLSA questions in the wake of disaster

Many areas of the country are just drying out from the effects of Hurricane Ike and other nasty storms — and companies are trying to deal with payroll headaches from lost work records to whether they must continue to pay workers when the organization is temporarily shut down.

Daylight Savings could bring payroll headache

Don’t be surprised if employees complain about smaller paychecks this pay cycle.

SSA’s higher wage base = more questions

SSA’s first taxable wage base boost in several years means more than just higher taxes for top earners – it may also bring more questions for you.

One email you don’t want in your inbox

The feds issued a warning about a message you may soon receive.

Temporary FUTA surtax expires: Now what?

The expiration of the “temporary” 0.2% FUTA surtax on June 30 changes employers’ recordkeeping duties.

Standard mileage rate climbs for next 6 months

The IRS has changed its mind about raising mileage rates.

Taxable wage base shoots up next year

Some of your company’s highest earners won’t be happy when they hear they’ll be paying more taxes next year.

Health plans and W-2s: What you need to know

While smaller employers have been given a reprieve from having to report the cost of employees’ health insurance on W-2s, larger employers weren’t as lucky. Here are the feds’ new guidelines for complying with the requirement.