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‘Your pregnancy doesn’t fit in our plans’ won’t cut it with the EEOC

No question, the feds have gotten a lot more aggressive in enforcing laws against pregnancy discrimination. And employers shouldn’t expect that business considerations will serve as a shield against prosecution.  

Dumb manager decisions end up costing two firms big money for EEOC violations

Here’s two more chapters in the continuing saga of “How Bonehead Decisions by Middle Managers Can Put a Big Dent in Your Corporate Pocketbook”:

Establishing a solid paid parental leave policy: 4 keys

Is paid parental leave right for your company?  

Gender bias in promotion decision costs healthcare firm a cool $125k

Here’s another reminder that a woman’s pregnancy can’t be used against her in any employment situation — including promotion decisions. 

Chipotle on the hook for $550k for illegal firing of pregnant worker

It hasn’t been a great year for the Chipotle Mexican Grill chain. First, a slew of food safety issues. And now a jury has awarded $550,000 to a former employee who sued the company for pregnancy discrimination.  

News flash: Applicants don’t have to tell you whether or not they’re pregnant

Yes, you can fire people when you discover they were less than forthright in their interviews.  

When pregnancy and light duty collide: What you need to know

It’s a new day and age for pregnant employee protections. As a result, old-school light duty policies are getting torn to shreds in court. Here’s what they can’t say anymore: 

One step forward, two steps back in the battle for gender equality

There’s good news and bad in the effort to achieve gender equality in the workplace.  

EEOC’s new pregnancy guidance boils down to doing one thing right

For the second time in the past year, the EEOC has issued new guidance on how to treat pregnant employees. And while the guidance is massive, the agency could’ve saved employers a lot of headaches by simply saying this … 

And the Employer Policy Hall of Shame’s newest inductee is …

Did this organization really think it could get away with this policy, which should immediately be enshrined in the Employer Policy Hall of Shame?