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EEOC’s new pregnancy guidance boils down to doing one thing right

For the second time in the past year, the EEOC has issued new guidance on how to treat pregnant employees. And while the guidance is massive, the agency could’ve saved employers a lot of headaches by simply saying this … 

And the Employer Policy Hall of Shame’s newest inductee is …

Did this organization really think it could get away with this policy, which should immediately be enshrined in the Employer Policy Hall of Shame? 

The next wave of employment law is introduced in 2 states, NYC

Don’t say you weren’t warned: There’s good chance these new laws are precursors to legislation you may soon see in your state or city. 

Supreme Court just made it easier to sue you for pregnancy discrimination

The Supreme Court just interpreted the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) differently than some employers currently do. As a result, it’ll open up employers to more lawsuits.

How wacky can discrimination suits get? 4 unbelievable examples

Four recent bias cases should be pretty vexing to HR pros. In two, the alleged victims were given some pretty unusual (and, in at least one case, very large) awards. In the others, the claims against employers will have you banging your head against a wall.

Holy smokes: Pregnant employee awarded $185M in discrimination lawsuit

A recent verdict just put employers on notice: Juries will look to severely punish — and make an example of — businesses guilty of sex and pregnancy discrimination. 

Employers won’t like this federal court ‘mixed motive’ ruling

All along, employers have been told they can terminate an at-will employee — even if a member of a protected class — as long as it had a legitimate business reason for doing so. A recent court ruling muddies those waters.  

Fired staffer: ‘HR director told me to sue’

It’s common for sympathetic co-workers to tell colleagues who’ve been fired that they should see an attorney about filing a lawsuit. But this is the first time we’ve come across an instance where the suggestion — allegedly — was made by the firm’s HR director.

Mere mention of employee pregnancy isn’t evidence of bias

Pregnancy discrimination is a growing issue in today’s workplace, and employers are bending over backwards to stay away from any hint of bias. But a recent court decision indicates that mentioning a women’s pregnancy in relation to her firing doesn’t necessarily indicate discrimination.

Work/life balance? Not employer’s responsibility, judge says

A New York judge dismissed a class action suit claiming that women were discriminated against by communications giant Bloomberg. And along the way, the judge took a swipe at that whole work/life balance business.