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EEOC files landmark parental leave lawsuit: Was dad discriminated against?

When this employer rolled out its parental leave policy a few years ago, it probably never imagined it would be facing an EEOC discrimination lawsuit by one of its employees. But that’s just what happened to one of the biggest names in cosmetics. 

EEOC explains rights of employees with mental health conditions

The EEOC continues to issue resource guides for employees suffering from various health conditions to let them know the job protections and benefits available to them under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). But while the guides are written for workers, employers can learn a lot from them. 

The next wave of employment law is introduced in 2 states, NYC

Don’t say you weren’t warned: There’s good chance these new laws are precursors to legislation you may soon see in your state or city. 

Supreme Court just made it easier to sue you for pregnancy discrimination

The Supreme Court just interpreted the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) differently than some employers currently do. As a result, it’ll open up employers to more lawsuits.

A cheat sheet on EEOC’s extensive pregnancy guidance

For the first time since 1983, the feds have issued comprehensive guidance on how employers are required to treat pregnant employees.

Woman fired for asking to breastfeed? Court does aboutface

Think the world of sex bias cases doesn’t get stranger all the time? Check out this case.

A 5-step plan for avoiding pregnancy bias claims

Here’s a handy guide on how you and your managers can steer clear of discrimination issues while your employees are awaiting their bundles of joy.  

Illegal policies: 2 settlements show EEOC’s not messing around

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has struck hard in two recent settlements of monstrous proportions.

Heads up: Feds turn up the heat on pregnancy discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been busy working on its new pet project: pregnancy discrimination. And legislative proposals before Congress would give pregnant workers new rights to ask for workplace accommodations.

In ADA cases, being helpful’s not always a good idea

A recent court decision confirms what we’d feared: Concern for employees and common sense have no place in disability discrimination cases.