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Harassment: Dealing with one incident isn’t sufficient to solve hostile workplace

A recent court ruling makes it clear: If you’re trying to rid yourself of the disease of workplace harassment, you can’t just treat the symptoms. You need to find the cure.

How one dumb investigation doomed an employer

Note to management: If you’re going to look into a possible problem with unfair compensation practices, you better be ready to overhaul your policies.

Pending pay bill could ‘cripple small businesses’

Congress is set to consider yet another law on pay discrimination — and if it passes, employers are not going to be happy.

Was employer punished for denying wages to worker on jury duty?

It’s hard for a jury to look kindly upon employers that frown on workers who take time off to perform their civic duty.

Employee sues for FMLA — and then some

In a recent case, an employee sued his company for an FMLA violation. The kicker: He also sued for back pay when he missed work due to stress he claimed the company caused.