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What? Hooded sheets plus a noose, and firm still skirts harassment charge

Despite mountains of damning evidence, one employer avoided losing a racially hostile workplace lawsuit. The ruling serves as a reminder to HR pros everywhere on the importance of clear policies and consistent follow-through.

Employer beats bias charge — but pays for retaliation

You’ve no doubt heard that retaliation claims are now the most common complaints filed with the EEOC. Here’s a real-life example of why — and how expensive these cases can turn out to be for employers.

Chalk up another win for solid anti-bias policies

Racial bias claims are among the most painful experiences an employer can go through. But as this case shows, carefully policies and quick response can mitigate the problem and protect the employer from legal peril.

Boss only audited her work — Was it bias?

An employee was fired after breaking a company policy. She says her work was scrutinized more closely than others’ because of her race. Her boss says it was because she’d broken the rules before.