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New year, new goals: 7 HR trends to tackle in 2019

With the emergence of a tight labor market and a focus on preventing sexual harassment, HR pros had their hands full in 2018. 

Brace yourself: Your employees want raises, or they’re leaving

If you want to keep employees from jumping ship, you may have to loosen the purse strings a little.

Total compensation statements: Don’t overlook their morale-building value

Employers across the country indirectly increased employees’ compensation recently, and in many companies, it seemed like nobody noticed. Why? Because management was guilty of a big oversight. 

Bah, humbug: Just 1 in 4 workers expects to see a holiday bonus

Probably shouldn’t be too surprised if employees aren’t bubbling over with Christmas cheer this holiday season.  

Novel approach for getting a raise: Ask on behalf of everybody

Gotta give Tyrel Oates credit. He’s taken a unique approach to increasing his salary — he wants all his co-workers to get a raise, too. All 300,000 of them.  

Will average raise break the 3% barrier in 2014?

So how’s your organization’s raise budget looking for 2014?  

2013 average raise seen at 3%, but the techies will clean up

What’s your company’s raise budget look like for 2013?

Ready to give your top performers a little boost next year?

Looks like many employers are ready to shell out just a bit more in pay raises next year. What’s your firm planning to do?

New year brings wage increases for 1M workers

When the ball dropped in Times Square, employees in eight states celebrated making more money.

Raises key to overall strategy to retain A-players

If there’s one change the recession’s caused in overall business practices, it’s gotta be this: The old “I’ve been here another year, so I’ll automatically get a raise” concept is gone.