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How HR can earn that elusive seat at the C-suite table

Human Resources plays a massive role in how a company is constructed. As a result, it deserves a seat at the executive table. But it’s not a seat that’s easily claimed. 

Is McDonald’s new application process the future of hiring?

If you want to attract younger employees, it’s probably not a bad idea to allow them to apply using whatever technology they’re most comfortable with. And McDonald’s is willing to do just that.

War for talent just got more difficult to manage: Here’s why

If you’re in the market for top talent this quarter, news has come out about what you’re up against — and none of it’s going to make your job easier. 

Top recruiting skills HR pros must develop today: How many do you have?

Here are some questions HR professionals, who handle talent acquisition for their companies, should be able to answer with an affirmative “Yes!” 

Searching for the skilled: It’s a jungle out there, report says

HR pros are constantly on the hunt for the best talent. And it’s a tough trek these days.  

Recruitment 2.0: A case for why it’s needed, and how to get there

After working for five years as a recruiter, Lucas Ruijs has got something to get off his chest: He believes recruitment interviews are a waste of time. 

Don’t delegate that! 3 tasks managers should never pass off

Delegating work effectively is consistently listed as a skill managers say they’d like to improve. While passing off tasks to your team is a critical skill, there are certain things that managers should never, ever delegate.

Top 5 things talented millennials want from you [infographic]

Are you ready for the run on millennial talent? 

HR administration: More difficult for small businesses? [Infographic]

Regardless of the size of the business, HR administration is a challenging job. But according to new research, HR pros at smaller firms have their own unique set of challenges — and rewards.

Stop hunting for purple squirrels and start recruiting the best candidates

It seems everyone wants a purple squirrel these days – the candidate with precisely the right education, experience and qualifications to mirror the job description perfectly. It’s time to stop this insanity, writes Joe Weinlick, of the online career network He offers up a more effective way to recruit.