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Health reform tweak Congress hopes will get you to hire more vets

New legislation appears poised to make it through Congress that would incentivize businesses to hire military veterans by altering one of the more controversial rules for employers under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 

88% of firms will keep offering healthcare coverage

Another day, another study on what companies plan to do when the bulk of healthcare reform changes take effect in 2014. 

Health reform head-scratcher: Pay the penalty or keep coverage?

Should you drop healthcare coverage for employees come 2014 or not? It’s the $50,000 question, and another organization has weighed in with its findings in a new study.

Seeking more cash, less waste for workers’ comp recipients

Typically, when it comes to lawmaking, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California. So this workers’ comp fight in the state is worth keeping an eye on.

3 questions the Supreme Court will answer about healthcare reform

The challenge to the healthcare reform act is finally on the Supreme Court’s calendar. Here are the three questions the court will try to answer when it hears the case in March.

Obama makes risky healthcare move: High Court to rule soon

The White House has declined to appeal a lower court’s ruling that the health reform law is unconstitutional. So it appears the Supreme Court could rule on the matter by the 2012 presidential election.

Push growing to end reform’s OTC rule

A cost-analysis by the Consumer Healthcare Products Association found 50 million unnecessary visits to doctors could be eliminated and billions saved if the health reform law’s over-the-counter (OTC) drug restrictions were lifted.

New list of 8 preventive services plans must cover for women

A few more preventive medical services were tacked on to the list non-grandfathered health plans must fully cover for participants.

Controversial health reform study details released

The Obama administration did not like the picture McKinsey & Co.’s latest health reform study painted of life after the new law. But McKinsey is not backing down from its findings.

Determining full-time employees for ‘pay or play’

The feds just unveiled formulas employers may need to use to determine who is a full-time employee when figuring out their obligations under the healthcare reform law’s “pay or play” mandate.