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Feds give employers more leeway in grandfathered plans

Good news: The feds just gave employers more leeway to make changes to their health plans and maintain their plans’ grandfathered status.

House votes to repeal health reform bill

The Repeal the Job Killing Health Care Law Act has been passed by the House in what is expected to amount to a symbolic move by Republicans – foreshadowing what’s to come on the political battlefield.

Top 10 Benefits stories of 2010

Here are the top 10 Benefits Alert stories for 2010, as chosen by our readers:

Will you keep your health plan after reform kicks in?

Recent research shows that more small employers plan to drop their health plans than larger employers after healthcare reform is firmly in place.

Companies: Cheaper to pay penalty than keep our health plans

How much cash would your company have to save by dumping its health plan – in exchange for paying penalties – to make up for the ill will it would create among workers?

Healthcare spending: Next 4 years will be roughest, feds say

How soon before reform sparks a slowdown in the pace of healthcare spending? About four years, according to new government estimates.

Feds clear up 4 tricky points of new FSA, HRA regs

Confused (or have employees that are confused) about the changes the health reform law made to how — and what — drug purchases can be reimbursed through pre-tax health savings plans? Well, help has finally arrived.

Reform gets more expensive: What you must pay for now

Keeping healthcare costs down just became more daunting for employers — at least in the short term.

Think your employees will go for this new health cost-cutting scheme?

Healthcare providers have brought back an old concept to try and reduce the cost of care for employers. The question is will their fresh spin on the idea work — or crash and burn?

Businesses heavy on part-timers face tough healthcare rules

One too many part-time workers could soon make some smaller businesses subject to steep penalties.