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Company out $5.1M after forcing employees to ‘harness happiness’

Any employer would love to have workers who are emotionally aware and good at solving problems, but one company went about teaching these skills the wrong way.

The seemingly innocent interview questions that could get you in legal hot water

Many times, hiring managers — in an innocent attempt to make an interviewee more comfortable — ask questions that could put the company in legal peril down the line.  

Does offering bagels and cream cheese constitute ‘proselytizing’?

In this holiday season, a case which reminds us of just how complicated all this diversity stuff can get:

What would you do? Supervisor reluctant to work with employee who has ‘alternative lifestyle’

Periodically, we present a real-life workplace problem and ask three HR managers to provide a solution. This week’s problem: A supervisor expresses his objections to working with a gay employee.

What not to tell co-workers

What do these three things have in common: Religion, politics and matters of the heart?

Court: Grooming policy was biased

Many companies create employee appearance policies to improve customer relations. What happens when a worker says his religion won’t let him follow the new rules?

Shave-or-else policy tested in court

A service station technician claims his former employer’s grooming policy, which prohibited facial hair, discriminated against him due to his religion.

Catholic worker says religion got him fired, sues for $1M

It’s a question a lot of folks in HR deal with: When an employee wants time off for a religious reason, can a manager ever say no?

EEOC issues new religious-accommodation guidelines

Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the number of religious-discrimination complaints against employers has gone up by 67%.  To address that, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has issued new guidelines for employers on what’s considered a “religion” and what an employer’s obligations are for accommodating employees’ religious observations.

Who won this case: How much accommodation did he need?

An employee can’t work a particular day because of his religion. You ask him to find a replacement — but he says he can’t do that either. What more do you have to do?