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National origin, religious bias cases still rank high on EEOC agenda

National origin and religion are highly sensitive topics in American culture and politics these days. And the workplace is no exception — check out these two recent cases from the EEOC.  

Huge tab for coal company following religious bias lawsuit

The current price of an employee lawsuit alleging religious discrimination? Right around $600k.

Supreme Court to take on Abercrombie hijab case

Chic retailer Abercrombie & Fitch’s hassle over headscarves continues. The Supreme Court recently announced it will hear the case of a Muslim woman who says she was subject to religious discrimination when she was turned down for a job because she wore a hijab, the traditional head covering of Muslim women.  

EEOC’s latest moves: New religious guidance, info on background checks

HR’s favorite government agency has been busy over the past week. Here’s the latest on new religious guidance and more background check drama.

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2 fast-food restaurants pay big to settle religious discrimination cases

2012 saw the second-most religious bias complaints ever. Here’s Exhibits A and B. 

Boss lectured staffer about Bible, called her a ‘crapster’: Unacceptable?

Did this store owner go overboard with proselytizing his religious beliefs?

Phew: 2 religious cases show employers can still win

Two new religious bias cases show that, despite recent defeats, companies can still win these types of ruling in court. 

Abercrombie & Fitch agree to alter controversial ‘Look Policy’

Where do dress codes and religious accommodations meet?  

Could animal sacrifice be part of a religious accommodation? Court says yes

This may be the strangest bereavement request ever — but that didn’t mean the company could deny this staffer the chance to attend his father’s funeral.

What were they thinking? Clothes chain nailed for religious bias

We’re thinking this is pretty high on the list of questions you don’t want to ask in a candidate interview: “You’re Muslim, right?”