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10 warning signs a great employee’s about to quit

Think you know the signs when someone’s about to quit — having lots of doctor appointments, showing up in a suit, etc.? Well, according to new research, the cues that someone is about to jump ship are much subtler. 

This may surprise you: How much employees hate traditional performance reviews

It probably comes as no surprise that employees and managers are not big fans of traditional performance reviews. But what may surprise you is just how much employees despise these reviews — and how they could be driving top talent out the door. 

Why organizations need a program to promote peer recognition in the workplace

Well, whaddya know? It is actually better to give than to receive.  

Does ‘ban the box’ spark discrimination? 2 studies’ surprising findings

The law of unintended consequences strikes again. 

5 biggest reasons employees quit jobs quickly

As you know all too well, it’s hard to hold onto new employees. Thus, onboarding programs were born. The problem is, there are several reasons onboarding may not be working. 

Recruitment 2.0: A case for why it’s needed, and how to get there

After working for five years as a recruiter, Lucas Ruijs has got something to get off his chest: He believes recruitment interviews are a waste of time. 

5 things employees would change if they were in charge

Even at the best workplaces, there’s always room for improvement. 

The top 6 ways the C-suite would like to see HR change

Your jobs as HR professionals are about to change, if you believe these C-suite executives. 

One thing companies, managers should stop doing to poor performers

Don’t be ambiguous with poor and underperforming employees when it comes to their standing with your company. 

When being a workaholic is a very good thing

Conventional wisdom says that workaholics are tight-lipped, grim, driven personalities who can’t pull themselves away from work until they collapse from burnout. New research says it ain’t necessarily so.