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The risky hiring shortcut nearly half of HR pros are taking

Study after study confirms that an alarming number of applicants are blatantly lying on their resumes, and a new study reveals many of these folks are likely to get away with it. 

5 adjectives you want to hear job candidates say

It’s difficult to tell what kind of person someone is just by their resume. Heck, it can even be difficult to tell when face to face with the person. But there are some approaches that will do the trick. 

Stupidest things ever put on a resume, Vol. 2: Our readers speak

As you may recall, back in April we did a rundown of the stupidest things Reddit users/HR pros had ever seen on a resume. Well, we asked our readers to share the dumbest things they’ve discovered on resumes — and you didn’t disappoint. 

Candidate posts job offer online, and here’s how the employer responded …

Put yourself in this employer’s shoes: You’re searching the Web to see what people are saying about your company and you come across this … 

31 of the stupidest things ever put on a resume

Want to meet a bunch of people who absolutely didn’t get the job?

10 unforgettable lies HR has discovered on resumes

More than half of HR pros (51%) said they’d automatically dismiss a candidate if they found a lie on a person’s resume. So it’s likely these applicants are still job hunting.

Intoxicating: He put his resume on beer — and got a job

It would be hard to NOT bring this guy in for at least an interview, right? 

The 12 silliest resume mistakes ever

Delivering a resume written in Klingon isn’t the way to make a good first impression.

Social networking profiles more accurate than resumes?

In the debate about whether to search for candidates online before they’re hired, here’s another reason hiring managers may consider doing so:

Should HR care about spelling mistakes?

You hear from an applicant with all the skills and experience the hiring manager wants. But there’s a problem: The resume contains a spelling error. What do you do?