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Study: What hiring managers want most from resumes, interviews

Every HR pro has a different idea of what constitutes the perfect candidate. 

85% of resumes contain lies: 3 ways to spot and stop them

  It’s not surprising some job applicants feel the need to embellish their resumes to get a better shot at a job. But the exact number — now 85% — has risen dramatically over the past few years. 

Hiring in today’s labor market: 4 candidate ‘red flags’ you may want to overlook

When the job market was at its worst, recruiters could afford to be more selective with candidates they chose to interview. But, in this tight labor market, recruiters need to find ways to widen their hiring pools. 

The 3 resume lies HR pros are seeing with alarming regularity

For HR pros, the hiring process is not only about finding the most-qualified candidates, it’s also about exposing dishonest ones.

Alternative facts: The alarming trend impacting 85% of hiring managers

Planning on adding staff some time in the near future? It appears that there’s some new urgency to double- and triple-check those resumes and ask plenty of follow-up questions during the interview process.

5 attorney tips for detecting lies in the workplace

Unfortunately, deception is something that comes with the human condition. 

A question to ask yourself about iffy job candidates

The next time you come across a resume that doesn’t quite knock your socks off, there’s a question you may want to ask yourself before digging deeper into the pile.  

Here’s how trashing resumes, applications can come back to bite you

How long do you retain job seekers’ application materials? Why does it matter? A recent EEOC lawsuit against Coca-Cola reveals why you must keep them (for a while, at least) and what can happen if you don’t. 

The 5 funniest HR Morning stories … ever

Between the Supreme Court’s landmark Obamacare and same-sex marriage rulings — plus the DOL’s official release of its new overtime exemption rules — it’s been an intense month for HR pros. So we’ve decided to lighten the mood. Enjoy these gems. 

Here’s what the resume of tomorrow looks like

Paper, once the only medium for a resume, is going the way of the dinosaur. What’s stepping up to take its place? A hint: It’s more than just LinkedIn and other career websites.