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New anti-retaliation rules issued under ACA & injury laws

The federal government just added another box employers must check before terminating or taking a disciplinary action against an employee. 

Top 7 ADA developments you need to know about now

A lot of new legal ground was just broken with the ADA over the past few months. 

EEOC: Don’t tell staff this about ADA-protected workers

Beware: What you say to your employees about a co-worker’s ADA condition/claim could lead to a retaliation charge. 

EEOC drops new guidelines on avoiding retaliation claims

The EEOC just made avoiding retaliation claims easier, helping out both you and your managers. The agency recently posted its finalized Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and Related Issues, that were last updated in 1998. Why now? According to EEOC Chair Jenny Yang, retaliation claims make up 44.5% of all complaints filed with the EEOC, surpassing […] [MORE]

EEOC’s new retaliation guidance should concern you – and here’s why

It’s about to get easier for employees to cry “retaliation!” 

Retaliation again tops the list of charges filed with the EEOC

It’s apparently a lot easier to prove a retaliation charge than a workplace bias or harassment claim. That’s probably why retaliation remains the No. 1 complaint filed with the EEOC.  

Can workers really decline FMLA leave? Second court weighs in

A dangerous trend for employers is appearing in FMLA lawsuits. 

Whopping $17M verdict in ugly sexual harassment lawsuit

This is likely one of the worst harassment lawsuits you’ll hear about this year. And it’s going to cost the employer in question a lot of money. 

Careful — ignoring oral complaints can get you in big legal trouble

Quick tip: An oral complaint about an alleged employment law violation is just as valid as an official, written one.

EEOC rakes in the dough for sex and race bias, retaliation violations

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s been busy. Here’s a look at just three of the numerous cases it has won — or settled — in the past few days.