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Millennial to employers: 4 reasons we keep quitting

It’s rare to find something HR-handy on Facebook these days. Between your friends sharing their baby photos and political opinions, there isn’t much room left for stuff to help with your job. But we had to share this Facebook find with our HR Morning audience.

Top 5 things talented millennials want from you [infographic]

Are you ready for the run on millennial talent? 

2 big reasons employees are more willing to quit than ever before

There are two recent findings by the DOL that don’t look good for your retention efforts.

Are workers getting bolder about looking for greener pastures?

There’s new evidence that HR pros will be wrestling with an increasingly assertive workforce in 2015.  

Case study: Putting more money in employees’ pockets

Periodically, we like to offer success stories from HR pros from across the U.S. This account of how one employer improved morale and retention comes courtesy of Beth Lordi, manager and part owner of Loccisano’s Golden Dawn in Ellwood City, PA. 

Why do employees stay? You might be surprised

Maybe this retention stuff isn’t so complicated after all.

Retention woes can be traced back to this one person

One of HR’s ongoing challenges is finding a way to hold on to employees. Two separate studies point to the best — and worst — ways to retain staff.

Top 10 job factors that attract, retain employees

What do employees value most today? Recently, 9,218 full-time U.S. employees at nongovernmental organizations were asked to rank 23 job factors by what’s most important to them. Here is their top 10 (by age group). 

7 benefits trends to keep an eye on

It appears benefits are about the only thing keeping employees around these days.

The dangers of adding training to your repertoire

It’s common thinking: Employee development programs can improve retention and productivity. But that’s not necessarily the case, according to a new study.