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DOL and IRS want a closer look at your retirement plan

Two of the most-feared government agencies for employers — the DOL and IRS — have decided there’s a real problem with the way retirement plans are being run, and they’re ramping up their audits to find out why that is.

How Obamacare has raised 401(k) plans’ perceived value

Much has been said about the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) impact on employers’ healthcare plans, but that’s not the only benefit that’s being affected.  

Employees’ 401(k) loans can get you audited: How to protect your plan

Convincing employees not to take out 401(k) loans not only benefits workers’ financial health, it also helps keep you out of the IRS crosshairs. 

Finally: Feds release the new fiduciary rule for retirement plans

A full year after issuing the initial proposal – and six years after the issue was first raised — the DOL has released the controversial new fiduciary rule.  

Obama proposes expansion of employee retirement plan options

The Obama administration is proposing some new ways to get employees involved in saving for retirement.  

Will DOL’s new rules end fiduciaries’ conflicts of interest?

Whether it’s money for the advice offered or payments for pushing certain providers’ investment products, the DOL has long contended that investment advisors are in danger of having a conflict of interest regarding the advice they provide retirement plans.  

IRS clarifies 401(k) distribution rules: What plan sponsors need to know

Even if you use a third-party administrator for your retirement plan, you need to pay attention to what the IRS just published. 

5 retirement plan trends for 2015: How many are you on board with?

As you may have heard, there’s a retirement savings problem in America. Workers need help saving for their golden years, and they’re looking to their employers for help. Is your plan keeping up with the times?

DOL: Time to revisit your target-date fund selections

If your company offers a 401k plan, there’s a good chance you have a target-date fund (TDF) set as the plan’s default investment option.

The 10 mistakes employees make when trying to save for retirement

Employees tend to make the same retirement-planning blunders over and over again. Guest poster Rick Pendykoski, the owner of a retirement-planning firm, outlines the Top Ten — so HR pros can help people steer clear.