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NFL cheerleader rulebook sounds sexist … but is it illegal?

While it may come as no surprise the NFL has strict rules about cheerleaders’ appearance and conduct, the league might be in trouble for not imposing similar rules on their players.

‘No donuts, except on Fridays’ and 8 other crazy workplace rules

Every workplace has some annoying or outdated rules, but there are some office rules that are downright ridiculous. 

3 awkward conversations DOL’s new overtime rule will spark

Are you ready for the three most difficult conversations you’ve had in a while? 

OT rule might be released in spring … or summer … or maybe spring, DOL says

The DOL keeps changing its tune on when it’ll release the final revisions to the overtime exemption rules. 

New OT rules create ‘perfect storm’ for lawsuits, attorney says

Employers are eager to see what the DOL’s new overtime rules will look like this summer — not because they’re fans, but because they want to see how much their FLSA compliance efforts will have to change in a very short period of time (within 60 days, most likely). 

ACA final rules issued in bulk: 12 changes you need to know

Over the years, federal agencies have issued a plethora of ACA proposed and interim rules, as well as regulatory guidance. But none of it was officially finalized — until now. The feds just issued final rules in bulk, solidifying those earlier efforts. In addition, the rules contain a few surprises you need to know about. 

New rule: Employees of federal contractors must be free to discuss pay

You’d think this would’ve gone without saying, given all of the one-sided legal hullabaloo in this area recently. But this is the federal government we’re talking about, and what should go without saying must be said (or, rather, carved into stone).

Overtime crisis nearing: 6 steps to avoid pitfalls

It would be hard for any regulatory change to be as impactful as the passage of the Affordable Care Act. But the DOL’s impending changes to the overtime exemption rules may be exactly that. 

New ACA nondiscrimination rules: But these aren’t the rules you’re looking for

The Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) just issued proposed nondiscrimination rules that would be applied under the health reform law. 

Former DOL insider points out flaws in new overtime rules

Testifying before Congress, a former DOL administrator, and an architect of the last changes to the FLSA’s overtime rules, shot holes in the federal agency’s proposal to more than double the minimum salary workers need to be paid to be considered exempt.