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Intoxicated employee dies after holiday party: Is company liable for negligence?

If your company hosts a holiday party so employees can have some fun, can you be held legally responsible when a tragedy takes place because an employee had too much fun?

Answers to tricky HR questions: Facebook privacy or safety violation?

Our team of experts fields real-life, everyday questions from HR managers and gives practical answers that can be applied by any HR pro in the same situation. Today’s issue: Whether a company can discipline employees who’ve posted pictures of an unsafe practice at work.

Who won this case: Does disability trump threat of violence?

An employee’s behavior leads his bosses to think he might commit some sort of workplace violence. The employee says his actions were caused by a psychological condition that’s now controlled by medication. Can the company let him go, or is he protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act? Read the dramatized version of this real-life […] [MORE]

Who won this case: Fired over complaining about safety?

In a real-life case, worker complains about a supposed safety violation, and shortly afterwards, he’s fired for poor peformance. He sues, claiming retaliation. Read the dramatized version of the case, and see if you can determine who won.

3 apps to prevent texting behind the wheel

Does your company issue cell phones and other mobile devices to employees? If so, you may want to look into these devices that can prevent workers from texting while driving.

Obama bans texting on the road

The country’s biggest employer is taking a stand against dangerous driving.

'We'll hire you if get a haircut' — religious bias?

Here’s a recent case that shows the importance of interview documentation.

Terrible training ideas: Hire a masked gunman

When it comes to training employees, you want to keep things interesting. But not this interesting.

One of employees’ most dangerous activities

“No texting behind the wheel” seems like an obvious rule of thumb for motorists. But employees who drive may need more to convince them to keep their eyes on the road.

Safety vs. religion: Where can HR draw the line on uniform accommodations?

No question about it – more and more companies are under pressure to make accommodations for employees’ religious beliefs.