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If recession’s over, is it time to review comp plan?

The experts have spoken: The recession’s officially over. And a lot of employers are taking a hard look at their compensation structure.

Study says salaries are on the rise

Finally, some good news since the economy tanked.

Surprising impact of recession: Increased worker loyalty

The recession could be a great opportunity for employers to cement their workers’ loyalty.

Answers to tricky HR questions: Handling nonexempts on a fixed salary

Our team of experts fields real-life, everyday questions from HR managers and gives practical answers that can be applied by any HR pro in the same situation. Today’s question: Under the FLSA, can we pay an employee a fixed salary of less than $455 a week?

Company pays man it never hired for more than 4 years

How’s this for a great job in this economy: getting paid for more than four years of doing absolutely nothing.

Jobs that will be harder to fill next year

Demand for most IT skills will likely be flat or decline over the next year, but workers for some specific positions may be hard to find, according to a new report.

Women gain in wages, but still trail men

In the last 10 years, women’s wages, as a percentage of men’s, have increased in most age groups, but women in some groups have done better than others.

Laid off employee offers to take pay cut: How should manager respond?

These days, some applicants and potentially downsized employees will turn to desperate measures to get or keep a job. And that opens up brand new legal challenges for employers.

How much should you pay student interns?

Despite economic conditions, salaries for summer interns will get more competitive this year.

Managers can't put lid on salary discussions

When employees find out each others’ salaries, it often causes morale problems. Managers often discourage those situations — but HR needs to warn them of the legal dangers in doing that.