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HR pros targeted in new scams: 3 schemes the FBI, IRS say to watch for

Heads up: In recent months, a number of federal agencies — including the FBI and IRS — are warning employers about new scams targeting employees’ direct deposit, W-2 and I-9 information. And these scams have wreaked havoc on scores of companies.

Tricky new I-9 scam wreaking havoc on employers: What to watch for

If you get a very convincing email from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) about info on your employees’ I-9s, don’t follow the instructions.

One email you don’t want in your inbox

The feds issued a warning about a message you may soon receive.

Woman caught up in ruse steals from employer

Doesn’t everyone know to ignore strangers who ask you to “invest” money? Apparently not.

‘I won’t be in today; I have jury duty again’

Some employees will do anything to get out of work. But a postal worker used a rather elaborate scam – twice – to collect nearly $40,000 for not working.