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Senate gives the green light to proceed with ENDA

Is this the year that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) will finally get passed? It just got a big boost from the Senate.  

New bill to help employers pool retirement cash

Here are two scary stats for those looking to create a retirement nest egg:

Congress weighs keeping payroll taxes lower

Democrats and Republicans appear to be in agreement: The 2% payroll tax break workers have been enjoying should be extended. The problem? They can’t come to terms on how to pay for it.

401(k) to pay the mortgage? New bill wants it to happen

Should employees be allowed to use their retirement nest egg to save them from foreclosure? Some on Capital Hill think so.

New bill would reduce federal workforce, perks

Legislation has just been brought before the Senate that would significantly reduce the size of the federal workforce and extend pay freezes.

Can GOP repeal grandfather limits? Not likely, but it’s trying

House Republicans recently tasked three committees with writing legislation to repeal the healthcare reform law’s grandfathered plan restrictions.

Senate bill would limit workers’ ability to tap retirement funds

Everyone agrees taking money out of a 401(k) hurts workers’ chances of saving enough for retirement. And now new legislation may help prevent workers from tapping those funds before retirement.

President proposes mandatory retirement plans

In its 2012 budget proposal, the Obama administration proposes new requirements for employer-sponsored retirement programs.

Republicans to draft new healthcare legislation

House Republicans have directed four committees to draft legislation to replace the healthcare reform law.

Good news: New 1099 requirement could be quashed

As expected, a bill repealing the healthcare reform law was defeated in the Senate. But the Senate did pass a measure that’s good news for employers.