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Can an employee take FMLA leave for the death of a pet? Court weighs in

Almost everyone knows how difficult the loss of a beloved pet can be. But is it upsetting enough to qualify for FMLA leave? 

Great — yet another way FMLA can trip you up legally

Employees are eligible for FMLA if they have a serious health condition which results in a “period of incapacity of more than three, consecutive full calendar days.” So why did a court recently rule that an employee was protected under FMLA even though she only missed two days of work?

FMLA: Second opinion not enough to reject leave

The outcome of a new Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) lawsuit offers up a valuable lesson for employers.

What illnesses warrant FMLA coverage?

The law isn’t completely clear on what illnesses are considered “serious health conditions” under FMLA. What happens when an employee and employer disagree on what makes someone eligible?