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Price tag for sex and age discrimination: $250k

The EEOC just struck a blow on behalf of over-40 female employees across the country.  

Union to pay $1.65M for race discrimination settlement — and the case goes on

A labor union and its apprenticeship program will pay $1.65 million to settle part of a race discrimination suit that was first filed in 1971 — and will continue.  

Sex discrimination lawsuits cost four employers a bundle

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has made it clear that its chief enforcement target is “systematic” discrimination on the part of employers. And the agency’s making good on that threat: Here are recent settlements of sex discrimination lawsuits that will cost four companies a total of $4.2 million.  

Sexual harassment suits net nearly $600k in penalties

It’s said death and taxes are the two inevitable factors in our lives, but we’ve got an additional nominee: sexual harassment in the workplace. Here are a couple of recent examples.  

EEOC wins big in age bias, wage discrimination cases

Just in case you thought the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was easing up: The agency recently resolved two separate discrimination cases to the tune of about $164k.  

Double whammy in EEOC settlement ends in $600k price tag

Wow. When this company does sexual harassment, it really does it up big.  

Reminder: The states are looking at your pay practices, too

Just a reminder: It’s not just the feds who are on the lookout for wage and hour violators — it’s state authorities, too.  

Lowe’s gets hammered in independent contractor settlement: $6.5 million

If your organization uses the services of independent contractors, here’s something to think about: Lowe’s Home Centers is on the hook to the tune of $6.5 million — plus legal fees — to settle a lawsuit filed by ICs who claimed they legally qualified as employees.  

Nearly $500k tab for turning a blind eye to harassment — from a customer

Seems like the Fred Meyer grocery store chain might want to tighten up its policies against sexual harassment.  

The real cost of bias and harassment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every HR pro knows that bias and harassment are two things companies want to avoid. Here’s a rundown of just how much those types of mistakes can cost.