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New sex discrimination ruling: 4 things employers need to know

A U.S. appeals court in Atlanta made a lot of waves in the employment law community this week by ruling that sexual orientation is not a protected characteristic under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But there are some interesting wrinkles to the case that employers need to know about. 

Gender bias in promotion decision costs healthcare firm a cool $125k

Here’s another reminder that a woman’s pregnancy can’t be used against her in any employment situation — including promotion decisions. 

Check your health plan: EEOC says denying this coverage is now discriminatory

Excluding a certain type of coverage from your company’s health plan has officially become risky business — even though it’s possible the same couldn’t have been said about this exclusion a few years ago. 

Feds issue sex discrimination final rule: 7 things all employers need to know

The DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) just updated a final rule updating the sex discrimination regulations federal contractors are required to abide by. But there’s a reason private sector employers should pay attention as well. 

Price tag for training policy that led to sex discrimination in hiring: $3.1 million

A new lesson in hiring from the EEOC: You can’t get away with discriminating against a specific group of applicants by improperly structuring your training program.  

Here’s what trashing resumes, applications can cost you

A recent settlement of an EEOC lawsuit is a powerful reminder of just how important it is to retain job seekers’ application materials — and what it can cost if you fail to. 

Sex discrimination lawsuits cost four employers a bundle

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has made it clear that its chief enforcement target is “systematic” discrimination on the part of employers. And the agency’s making good on that threat: Here are recent settlements of sex discrimination lawsuits that will cost four companies a total of $4.2 million.  

A valuable lesson on what’ll get you sued for sex discrimination

This employee committed workplace misconduct and was fired. She even admitted to the misconduct. So why in the world was her sex discrimination lawsuit allowed to stand? 

‘How’s that NOT harassment? He put his hands on her’

When is putting your hands on a co-worker and preventing her from leaving the room NOT sexual harassment? 

Here’s how trashing resumes, applications can come back to bite you

How long do you retain job seekers’ application materials? Why does it matter? A recent EEOC lawsuit against Coca-Cola reveals why you must keep them (for a while, at least) and what can happen if you don’t.