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Compliance expert: Anti-sexual harassment training needs to start with this …

Leader accountability is the key to more effective anti-sexual harassment training, says Dr. Marsha Ershaghi Hames. 

Facebook invites HR pros to steal its sexual harassment policy

In the wake of surging workplace sexual harassment allegations across all industries, Facebook is taking a drastic step.

Why the ‘Pence Rule’ is exactly how you shouldn’t go about preventing sexual harassment

With new high profile sexual harassment allegations coming out on a daily basis, a lot of companies are considering policy changes and putting new protocols into place. One new rule not to establish? The Pence Rule.

Sexual harassment in the Harvey Weinstein era: 3 ways to go beyond standard training

From the Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly scandals to the #MeToo movement on social media, sexual harassment is on everybody’s minds.

Employer defeats worker’s retaliation lawsuit by calling on its policy

Can you discipline an employee who has recently complained about harassment? Yes, but you must be ready to prove the discipline was unrelated to the complaint. Attorney Bob Neiman breaks down a recent lawsuit that shows some of the circumstances under which this can be done. 

The day hugging died: Ruling says it’s time for a new office policy

As human beings, we hoped this day would never come. But as HR pros, we all thought it would. And now it has arrived: the day when hugging in the workplace dies. 

EEOC: Yes, you have to protect employees from this too

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) accused this employer of making a big mistake, and the employer is now paying $250,000 for it. 

Teenage restaurant worker awarded $7.65M in sex harassment lawsuit

Need a reason to refresh your anti-harassment training with your managers? Take a look at this story.  

‘She never reported harassment’: A 3-factor test determined who’s liable

Imagine being sued by an employee who claims she was sexually harassed, but she never bothered to report it to anyone. Your company won’t be held liable, right? Well, you’ve got to pass a three-pronged test first, according to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

‘But he showed me his … Why can’t I sue for sexual harassment?’

Let’s set the scene for a recent lawsuit: A male worker exposed himself to a female co-worker and showed her explicit pictures of himself. Then, word spread about the incident in the workplace. Sounds like a slam-dunk sexual harassment lawsuit, right?