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‘How’s that NOT harassment? He put his hands on her’

When is putting your hands on a co-worker and preventing her from leaving the room NOT sexual harassment? 

Another harassment suit, another expensive settlement

The EEOC continues to crack down on allegations of sexual harassment in the agricultural industry. Latest settlement cost: $450,000.  

Whopping $17M verdict in ugly sexual harassment lawsuit

This is likely one of the worst harassment lawsuits you’ll hear about this year. And it’s going to cost the employer in question a lot of money. 

Double whammy in EEOC settlement ends in $600k price tag

Wow. When this company does sexual harassment, it really does it up big.  

Manager’s nipple squeeze, crotch play not sexual harassment: New ruling

While the employer may have won this lawsuit, it’s a textbook example of how managers shouldn’t act and how general horseplay can come back to haunt them. Meet the appropriately named Perry Payne, a manager whose actions a court deemed to be “manifestly inappropriate and obnoxious.” 

4 ways to make your sexual harassment training more effective

Sexual harassment prevention training is generally not HR professionals’ favorite thing. Here are some guidelines to make the experience more useful for both management and employees — courtesy of guest poster Jimmy Lin,  vice president of The Network.  

Does the NLRB think it’s OK for you to grab your crotch in front of co-workers?

Here’s a case that shows how potentially dangerous the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) agenda really is. Besides making it easier for unions to organize, it’s issuing rulings that contradict the guidance put forth by other federal agencies. 

This manager’s actions were definitely inappropriate — but were they harassment?

A male manager put his arm on a staffer’s shoulder and leg. Was that enough to sway a court to call it sex harassment? 

Sex harassment: 2 companies that screwed up big-time

These two companies aren’t exactly role models when it comes to handling sex harassment complaints.

She was only harassed at one of her many work locations, so …

This woman had many supervisors, and only one of them harassed her. Is that a hostile work environment?