Human Resources News & Insights

EEOC unveils new resource for small employers

Work for a small-to-midsize company? The EEOC just unveiled a new resource designed expressly for you. 

In hiring mode? Better haul out the checkbook

Is your organization planning on adding staff over the next three months or so? Be warned — a bunch of your competitors are, too. And that’ll probably mean a hike in your payroll costs.  

’Tis the season for not giving: More employers cut holiday bonuses, perks

The days of company holiday parties and year-end bonuses may be coming to an end.

Better grab the best and brightest while you can

There’s more evidence that the job market may be loosening up — and snagging the best candidates could get even more difficult than it is today.

Small business spearheading jobs recovery

If you’re working for a small business, pat yourself on the back. You’re leading the pack in the effort to get people back to work.

Bill expected to make Roth option more appealing

A provision tucked into a small business jobs bill that Congress just passed would broaden the appeal of 401(k) plans.

Is your workforce ready for a disaster?

As hurricane and flu season kick into high gear, small businesses are being warned to take a look at their disaster planning.