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Feds weigh in on e-cigarettes at work: Should you allow them?

Employers have been asking themselves this question since e-cigarettes came on the market: Should we let people use them at work? Finally, a federal agency has provided an answer. 

Drug policy keeping up with changing pot laws? A checklist

States’ legalization of marijuana has made creating effective drug policies a nightmare. Thankfully, new guidance is here to help. 

The next wave of employment law is introduced in 2 states, NYC

Don’t say you weren’t warned: There’s good chance these new laws are precursors to legislation you may soon see in your state or city. 

A ban on hiring smokers? It’s not that simple

More companies than ever won’t hire people who smoke. But is that legal — and is it worth it for employers?

Smoking or obesity: Which costs health plans more?

When it comes to wellness programs, the two biggest goals have always been: a) Get employees to lose weight, and b) get them to stop smoking. But a recent study gives employers a better idea of what their No. 1 wellness focus should be.

Crucial question to ask wellness participants

There’s one question many companies aren’t asking that could pinpoint who would benefit most from your wellness program.

Use of wellness penalties growing: 2 ways to keep ’em legal

Wellness programs are “in” for employers – and so are penalties for workers who make unhealthy choices.

Feds want all workplaces smoke free by 2020

Talk about strange bedfellows: Benefits pros and the feds now have a common enemy – smoking.

Another area where smokers and the obese are costing you

By now you know all about the massive healthcare bills smokers, poor eaters and couch potatoes can rack up. But you may be surprised to hear how much they’re costing you in another vital area.

Smoking bans and employee weight gain linked, study says

Programs that encourage workers to quit smoking are great. But there’s one problem employers need to keep in mind.