Human Resources News & Insights

2011 taxable wage base news is mixed bag

Here’s some good news to share with your higher-ups that’ll likely upset retirees.

Study: Employee compensation stabilizing

From the latest stats, it looks like the days of shrinking payroll budgets may be behind us.

New jobs bill offers employers a tax holiday

The House just passed the Senate’s $15 billion jobs bill meant to encourage you to seek out the unemployed.

House OKs tax credits for hiring: What’s next?

The U.S. House approved a bill granting tax credits to companies that hire the unemployed. But like most things in Washington, the story doesn’t end there.

Two senators propose tax cuts for hiring

There’s almost nothing new about a recent proposal to offer a tax cut to businesses that hire the unemployed, except that the latest plan has the support of leading Democrats and Republicans.

Is federal mandate for health coverage unconstitutional?

Here’s a new wrinkle in the health reform debate we haven’t heard before: A federal mandate requiring individuals to purchase health insurance is unconstitutional, according to one political think tank.

SSA freezes wage base: That means more questions for HR

Forget “no news is good news.” The Social Security Administration’s announcement that the 2010 taxable wage base will remains at $106,800 will bring HR a few questions from your highly compensated employees and retirees.

Homeland Security rescinds no-match rule

With a push from President Obama, this month the curtain fell on the Department of Homeland Security’s controversial no-match rule.

Why Obama wants more wage reporting

A new Obama Administration proposal requires employers to report wage data to the Social Security Administration more frequently – maybe even quarterly – although workers would continue to receive annual W-2s. 

Another HR tool for fighting ID theft

Alert your Payroll/Accounts Payable people: Expect the Feds to issue a revenue procedure later this summer allowing you to mask vital data on some of your records.