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COBRA subsidy update: Why it wasn’t extended — and what’s next

On July 22, President Obama signed a bill to extend unemployment benefits through November. But absent from that bill was an extension of the COBRA premium subsidy. Why?

Our favorite Web sites: Finding and getting stimulus funds

Alert your CFO: The government won’t be releasing complete economic stimulus info until at least October. But this Web site’s got a complete breakdown for you right now, and it even lets you know if your organization could be eligible.

4 HR issues hidden in Obama’s stimulus package

Legal experts are still trying to comb their way through the 1,079-page American Recovery and Reinvestment Act President Obama signed into law last month. And deep in the document, they’re finding several provisions that will have a big impact on HR.

Stimulus Act: Some hidden benefits for businesses and HR

Buried deep in the 1,079 pages of the Recovery Act — and its $787 billion —  are a few gems for small and midsize businesses, and maybe a few ideas for HR managers to discuss with their financial officers.

Obama stimulus package contains 6 big paperwork changes for you

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll have to do differently post-stimulus.