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Does ‘ban the box’ spark discrimination? 2 studies’ surprising findings

The law of unintended consequences strikes again. 

DOL funds state studies on paid medical and family leave

Looks like the feds are reaching out in their efforts to expand paid medical and family leave — to the individual states.  

Tired of riding herd on managers? Here’s the cure: robots

You know how tough it can be to get managers trained on the ever-increasing details of employment regs? Two researchers may have found your answer: robots.  

Why you need to put ‘age bias’ on your list of critical concerns

Two recent reports indicate that it’s time to be increasingly sensitive to the issue of age discrimination in the workplace.  

Looking for the wrong things when checking applicants’ Facebook pages?

Yeah, pretty much everybody checks Facebook as part of their applicant screening process. And it turns out a big bunch of companies are misreading the info they glean from the social media giant.  

Are most retirement outlook studies wrong?

By now you’ve probably seen the reports showing Americans’ 401(k) account balances won’t support a decent lifestyle in retirement. Well, Fidelity is saying those studies are using bad math.

Top 6 ROI-producing wellness initiatives

The most effective way to control rising healthcare costs is still to implement a wellness program. But what is it specifically your program should be doing?

Reform: 65% of employers will drop health plans in 2014 if …

The vast majority of companies say they have no plans to drop their health benefits in 2014 when the bulk of the reform law kicks in. But they said there’s one thing that could make them change their minds.

2 New Places To Uncover Health Savings

Separate studies have uncovered two new things employers should be doing that can start saving them big bucks on healthcare costs.

Health cost hikes to drop, studies say: Can we believe it?

It sounds so sweet: Reports say, healthcare cost inflation is diminishing. Are they too good to be true?