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Top 6 retirement expenses employees overlook

The vast majority of your employees don’t want to work during their golden years – no matter how much they love their jobs. They want to sip margaritas on some tropical beach. And to help them get there, make sure they’re planning for these expenses.

At it again: Congress weighs latest employee classification bill

Enter the latest wave in the sea of crackdowns, regulations and additional paperwork surrounding the classification (or misclassification) of employees.

Bigger crackdown: Wage and hour violators now face multiple fines

The Department of Labor (DOL), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and nine states have teamed up to find wage and hour violators and fine them heavily.

IRS advisory board suggests ways to trim misclassifications

If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes its advisory council’s suggestions to heart, you may be reclassifying some workers.

New W-2 health costs rules could be good news for you

The IRS has given smaller employers a little more breathing room on the new W-2 health coverage cost reporting requirements.

White House proposes increase in FUTA taxes

As if employers’ bank accounts haven’t been stretched thin enough already, it looks like businesses may be staring down the barrel of more tax increases.

Employee or independent contractor? 3 ways to tell

When an independent contractor was fired, he retaliated … by suing the company where he worked for misclassifying him. He wanted back pay for the 26 hours of overtime he worked each week for 12 years. Did he win?

Employers waiting to add Roth conversion feature

A provision in a small-business jobs bill that Congress passed this fall allows defined contribution plan sponsors to add a Roth rollover feature to their plans. But so far, few are biting.

Holiday gift cards = taxable income

Giving employees gift cards this holiday season is a nice idea. Just be sure you’re not falling into this tax pitfall.

2011 taxable wage base news is mixed bag

Here’s some good news to share with your higher-ups that’ll likely upset retirees.