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Recruiting in the Digital Age: Must-have tools and tactics for HR

It’s a digital world. Here’s some advice from guest poster Michael Overell, CEO and founder of RecruitLoop (an online platform of independent recruiters) on how today’s HR pros can survive – and even thrive – in this ever-changing recruiting wilderness.  

5 ways technology could be screwing up your recruiting

Ah, the joys of the Digital Age. As more and more companies adopt software tools to streamline the hiring process, it’s clear that sometimes those weapons can backfire on you.

The 5 ways HR pros use technology in the hiring process [INFOGRAPHIC]

Don’t be afraid: Technology is here to make finding new candidates easier.

Why HR should bet on new technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you on the cutting edge of these emerging HR tech trends? 

Perk that’ll make your company more attractive to 72% of workers

This could be your company’s pièce de résistance – the perk that sets your company apart from the competition and improves recruiting and retention efforts.

Warning: New technology makes it easier to uncover workers’ comp violations

How easy is it to spot a company failing to fund workers’ comp benefits? It can’t be too hard if just eight inspectors in Georgia were able to uncover 538 businesses without comp insurance in just three months. What’s changed?

HR’s newest technological tussle: Smartphone and iPads

Just when you thought you’d made the workplace safe for social media, up pops a new technological headache.

A $1 million lesson in the importance of solid I-9 procedures

Hey, these guys are serious: The feds recently nailed Abercombie & Fitch with a $1 million fine for I-9 violations — not for hiring non-eligible workers, but for screwing up the paperwork.

Do you know the right questions to ask an IT applicant?

Some HR managers just run a cursory check on qualifications and pass along candidates to the company IT boss or the exec who oversees technology. That’s usually a mistake.

New site gaining ground as recruiting tool

Is social networking Web site Twitter just the latest fad, or is it a cost-effective tool companies can use for recruiting and marketing?