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Sexual harassment in the Harvey Weinstein era: 3 ways to go beyond standard training

From the Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly scandals to the #MeToo movement on social media, sexual harassment is on everybody’s minds.

Top 10 ways to curb harassment, from EEOC task force

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) assembled a task force and charged it with putting together best practices for how employers can stymie workplace harassment. Its work is now done, and it just issued a report on its findings. 

FLSA ruling: When you don’t have to pay workers for training time

A U.S. District Court just gave employers a helpful example of when it’s okay to NOT pay workers for the time they spend in training. 

3 EEOC targets to address in your harassment training

The EEOC just issued proposed enforcement guidance on workplace harassment, and it provides a window into the kinds of things the agency’s now looking to prevent – through litigation if necessary. 

They did what? Surprise safety training goes horribly wrong, employer sued

Violent incidents at businesses across the U.S. have been making headlines lately, and it has a lot of employers considering how to prep their staffs for the unthinkable. But this is an example of how NOT to conduct training. 

Conflict management tactics used in Dallas’ police department

From 2009 to 2014, the Dallas Police Department has reduced the number of excessive force complaints by 64%. Translation: Officers got better at managing conflict. 

EEOC begins to crank up new initiative to prevent workplace harassment

The EEOC is pushing employers to take another hard look at harassment in the workplace.  

EEOC task force identifies 6 tactics to curb harassment

For nearly a year now, a task force created by the EEOC has been charged with finding the best ways to stymie harassment of all types in the workplace — and its efforts are starting to bear fruit. 

Are you using mobile devices to bolster training programs? It’s time

As a more tech savvy crowd enters the workforce, it’s critical that employers start to use all the benefits mobile technology has to offer. 

5 words your training programs must include now

If you’re not teaching your employees and their managers this wrinkle in federal law (and some employers clearly aren’t), you’re inviting legal trouble.