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FLSA, overtime lawsuits just got a lot more expensive

Employers now have even more incentive to make sure they abide by wage-and-hour laws. 

Restaurant owner sentenced to two years in jail for wage theft

The stakes for violating wage and hour laws in California just got raised. In a landmark decision, a San Diego restaurant owner was sentenced to two years in jail for wage theft and labor violations. 

Reminder: The states are looking at your pay practices, too

Just a reminder: It’s not just the feds who are on the lookout for wage and hour violators — it’s state authorities, too.  

7 reasons to fear the growing wave of FLSA lawsuits

For the seventh straight year, the number of wage and hour lawsuits filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) has increased — and there are a number of reasons employers should fear the news is only going to get worse.

FLSA case: Staffers working from home must track their own hours

A new ruling may finally clear up a telecommuting wage-and-hour issue that’s frequently stumped HR pros.

More evidence: Misclassifying employees could cost you big

If you still need more ammo in the fight to straighten up your employee classification procedures, here it is.

New danger in wage-and-hour disputes: Are you prepared?

What’s the trendiest flavor of employee lawsuits these days? Retaliation for wage-and-hour complaints. Here’s a case that illustrates the growing danger to employers.

Bigger crackdown: Wage and hour violators now face multiple fines

The Department of Labor (DOL), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and nine states have teamed up to find wage and hour violators and fine them heavily.

What to do if the wage-and-hour folks happen to drop by

Your worst fears are realized: Investigators from the DOL Wage and Hour Division have just appeared in your office for an unannounced visit. Do you know what to do?

DOL to ramp up wage and hour enforcement yet again

Surprise, surprise – the Department of Labor (DOL) continues to ratchet up its efforts to enforce wage and hour laws.