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Court: Here’s when you don’t have to pay workers’ comp for at-work injuries

Just because a tragic event happens while an employee is doing their job doesn’t mean the company is on the hook for workers’ comp benefits.

Workers’ comp fraud: Better watch those falling sprinkler heads

Luckily, they’re pretty rare. But some employees will go to astonishing lengths to fake on-the-job injuries in order to collect workers’ comp.  

Yes, kickball injury can result in workers’ comp benefits

In a not-so-surprising development (at least to those paying workers’ comp insurance premiums), the field of “things employees can’t collect workers’ comp for” continues to shrink. 

Warning: New technology makes it easier to uncover workers’ comp violations

How easy is it to spot a company failing to fund workers’ comp benefits? It can’t be too hard if just eight inspectors in Georgia were able to uncover 538 businesses without comp insurance in just three months. What’s changed?

Seeking more cash, less waste for workers’ comp recipients

Typically, when it comes to lawmaking, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California. So this workers’ comp fight in the state is worth keeping an eye on.

Wellness could be key to reduced workers’ comp

A new study has revealed two more reasons to encourage obese employees to join weight loss programs.

Big sticking point in NFL lockout: Workers’ comp benefits

We’re glad to see pro football back. It seemed like the NFL’s labor lockout went on far too long. One reason for that: the disagreement about workers’ compensation benefits for players.

$10 piece of equipment could’ve saved $128K in comp benefits

If an employee requested equipment to improve ergonomics, how willing would your company be to supply it? In some cases a small expense now could save tons in workers’ comp benefits down the road. One horror story:

TV show leads to workers’ comp bust

You can collect tens of thousands of dollars in workers’ comp or you can perform hard labor in a reality show about the logging industry, but you can’t do both.

Case of the ‘mind-bogglingly stupid’ worker: Part Deux

Remember the man who was awarded workers’ comp benefits after deciding to smoke pot and then feed a grizzly bear? Well, his employer appealed the benefits ruling, and a state supreme court issued a final decision.